Libera RFID Library System

It presents the Intelligent Library, with the introduction of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to automate the main tasks of everyday life, with benefits for both staff and users of the library. 


The system is based on the latest standards for RFID technology(UHF EPC Gen2-ISO180006C) and integrates with anti-theftsystems traditional EM strips and exploiting the advantages of bothtechnologies and amortize existing investments in security by mostlibraries.

The main features are the self through self-stations and mailboxesloan repayment, and automation of tasks such as inventory management, location of missing individuals and management of the collection using portable terminals. 

The solution is highly customizable according to requirements of each library:

  • Integration with barcode and other RFID suppliers.
  • Adaptation to existing mechanisms for user identification in the library (magnetic stripe, chip, barcode, user/pin, etc.).
  • Integration with the Library Management Systems, using standard protocols SIP2/NCIP/Z3950.
  • Possibility of adapting the visual aspects of the applications to the patterns defined in the corporate identity of the customer. 
  • New functionalities in the software applications.

The customization factor bound to the support technician bring a significant added value over the RF solutions on the market, completely close. 


For your library

  • Greater flexibility in performing common tasks: control of the collection, traffic operations, inventory management, location of misplaced items and other functionalities. 
  • Minimizing queues at loans desk. 
  • Increased productivity and satisfaction of the staff, as they spend less time at loans desks.
  • The solution is fully compatible with traditional anti-theft systems based on EM technology. 

For your users

  • Introduction of self-service, easy to use, allowing users to perform circulation operations without interacting with the staff at loans desk. 
  • Extended timetable, offering unattended services. 
  • Reduced waiting times and greater agility. 
  • Increased availability of the staff to assist and advise the user in tasks not related to circulation of items. 
  • Perceive the sensation of an innovative library, equipped with new technologies that improve services. 
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Download more information
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