Libera RFID Inventory System

Libera RFID Inventory System (LRIS) is a solution for inventory management of assets in an efficient and automated technologies based on radio frequency identification (RFID). Combines simplicity and customization to a very low cost.

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Libera RFID Library System

Libera RFID Library System is a complete, scalable, customizable and easy to automate the main tasks of daily life in a library, bringing major benefits to both staff and users. Today is one of the best solutions and value in the international market and has been developed at the hands of experienced librarians.

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Information System and Tourism Management Advanced is a powerful tool that uses RFID, WiFi and Bluetooth to interact with tourists, so they can personalize their visit by managing their own experience. On the other hand, allows the managing of a given space tourist visitors a better understanding to tailor services to their demands, based on the statistical information collected and analyzed.

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