Libera RFID Inventory System

Solution for managing inventory in an efficient and automated technology based on radiofrequency identification (RFID). 


  • RFID tagging at item level (possible combination with barcode, DataMatrix and other automatic identification technologies.
  • Ability to dinamically update the stored information without changing the tag.
  • Integration with inventory management system of the client.


  • Defining/redefining processes to automate and optimize the adoption of the technology.  
  • Establishment of the methodology most optimal labeling and inventory in each stage. 
  • Automating tasks and inventory labeling: minimizing human resulting from manual data processing. 
  • Optimization of time and resources by: reducing significantly the time and effort required to inventory. 
  • Process improvement, thanks the inherent characteristics of RFID Technology, mainly reading without line of sight at greater distances and simultaneous readings of multiple tags .
Download more information
Download more information.
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