Lines of Business

Libera Networks is a company specialized in wireless technologies, networks and mobility solutions and automatic identification by radio frequency involved in the entire life cycle of projects by analyzing business needs and the goal of maximum benefit for each customer.

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Activity Areas

Wireless technologies is a broad field of activity ranging from technologies such as RFID short, NFC, Bluetooth or Wireless Sensors, middle distance and WiFi / WiFi mesh and long distance as WiMAX, radio licensees, mobile technologies, satellite, etc.

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Case Studies

Libera Networks, in collaboration with customers and technology partners want to show in this section highlights examples of leadership and innovation, from the first global audit of security of WiFi networks in major Spanish cities, through the first WiMAX deployment in the districts free band Antequera, to interprovincial network of broadband in the province of Almeria, wireless mesh networks deployed most important in Spain, and such prominent projects as the RFID inventory of all information assets of the Junta de Andalucía.

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