Lines of Business


Turnkey projects to deploy wireless networks, data networks, security, and mobility solutions and radio frequency automatic identification complies with current legislation, to the highest standards of quality and adapted to the needs of each customer .

Indoor WiFi, WiFi campus, WiFi industrial, outdoor mesh WiFi, WiFi / WiMAX municipal WiMAX free-band-band radio relay trunks and licensed, and remote video surveillance, location, data networking, network security and unified communications. RFID solutions. Wireless sensors for data centers, agriculture, environment and industry. Special displays in critical and cultural interest.


Libera Networks has the best engineers and certified, procedures and quality management system, tools and "know-how" so that customers get the most out of wireless technologies.

Negotiations with the CMT and SETSI. Preparation of technical specifications.Site Management. Audits of operation of wireless networks and wired networks, radio and safety. Ad-hoc solutions and verification.


Libera Networks has different levels of service for specialized after-sales support with remote assistance and onsite.

Basic maintenance, advanced maintenance equipment replacement and maintenance advance as always provided by experienced staff can solve any problem and ensure customers peace of mind and a high quality service.


Libera Networks develops and delivers high-level specialized courses about the different wireless technologies, having worked as a training and certification for leading manufacturers and leading training centers .

Courses are now available as request of large customers and the public sector and specific training for each turnkey project. Training is one of the values differentiators valued by our customers and is taught by certified engineers.


Software development projects from the definition, analysis, design, software development and implementation of solutions based on wireless technologies .

A Research And Development Department that accumulates an outstanding experience in product development, research independently and in partnership, and third party solutions for combining the latest technologies and programming methodologies with innovative technologies wireless networks.

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